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  You will be so pleased with how quickly and easily the Super Mobile phone Cleaner keeps your phone shiny clean without chemicals that you'll find yourself using it often. The optical suede microfiber cloth has many thousands of fibers per square inch and is made from specially treated polyester fabric, which allows it to pick up the smallest particles of dirt and oil. It does so because each strand of microfiber is about 100 times smaller than a strand of your hair which gives them unsurpassed trapping ability. There is no better cloth for cleaning your cell phone and laptop.  Simply rub with a little pressure and watch with amazement. It works perfect for glasses too.  The cloth is 15cm x 15cm so you can go about a week without having to launder it.

  Machine or hand wash in cold water about once a week to keep it working great. Hang dry for best results as the microfiber will attract lint. Never use dryer sheets or fabric softeners because they will clog the fibers. For really stubborn stuff on your phone and for larger screens like laptops, just add a dab of water on the cloth and clean away. No need for any chemicals, the microfiber and water will do the cleaning wonderfully. After using, it's a good idea to leave the cloth out in the open for 15 or 20 minutes since it is picking up a lot of moisture from your phone. 

Πανάκια καθαρισμού κινητών